Hints & Tips for your Wedding Planning


Tim Downer September 2014


As soon as you have decided to set a date for your Wedding, start putting together a scrapbook and fill it with magazine cuttings on anything that catches your eye.


This can then be taken to supplier meetings (such as Florists, Caterers, Venue decorators etc) where these ideas can form the basis of the first meeting and be expanded on, to reflect your likes and dislikes.


Tim Downer September 2014


Make sure that you can dance in your wedding dress - A magnificent train will look stunning at the ceremony, but may not work quite as well on the dance floor.


Claire Downer September 2014


Organise your Wedding so that the younger guests are well looked after. After the ceremony and reception, many children start to get bored at a grand dinner, so if the budget allows, create a seperate area where they can enjoy a fun meal and be entertained. Then they can join the after dinner dancing.


Tim Downer September 2014


When chatting to your photographer about your wedding, do not forget to let them know if there are any special details you would like him or her to capture. For example, A close up of your heirloom ring, a particular view from the churchyard, or maybe a special guests placecard.


Ensure that your photographer is well briefed on your specific requirements for the formal photographs following the ceremony, so that guests are not hanging around for ages, whilst these are being taken.


Appoint a member of both families and give them the responsibility of organising the various guest groups required for these photographs.


Tim Downer September 2014


Speeches during the Wedding Breakfast should be short! Encourage all speech makers to rehearse and time their speeches to adhere to your timetable, not theirs!


Claire Downer September 2014


Ensure that your caterers are providing sufficient staff to make sure that all of your guests are enjoying their meal at the same time - Very often, with a lack of staff, guests on the first table served will have finished eating by the time the guests on the last recieve their meal!


Sufficient staff will also guarantee that guests glasses are always topped-up, and that tables are kept clean throughout the meal.


Claire Downer September 2014


Keep the music playing - When booking your chosen band, stipulate that you do not want any breaks in the music, so that the dancefloor is forever packed. Have some backing music playing whilst the band have a break - ensuring that the atmosphere is maintained and your guests keep partying.


Tim Downer September 2014


If your Wedding is out of town, or overseas and guests have travelled from far and wide, make them feel really special and show your appreciation for the special effort they have made, by placing a Welcome package in their Hotel room - mini bottles of wine or champagne, fun sweet treats that reflect either the destination or your special likes, local maps and tourist information etc.


Specially created cookie favours beautifully wrapped and tied with a special message tag from the Bride and Groom are always enjoyed.

Wedding Cake

Tim Downer February 2015


If you are saving your top tier for your child's christening, it needs to be a rich fruit cake. Store it in an air-tight tin, although the quality will deteriorate if it is kept for more than a year or so.