Stag and Hen Parties



Hen and Stag nights.


The idea behind these parties, is to engage in some serious bonding with your friends while showering the Bride or Groom to be with entertainment and gag gifts. It’s the last big celebration you’ll have as a single girl or boy, and you deserve to say goodbye to your pre-marriage years in style. Once you’ve worked out your guest list of gorgeous girlfriends or best mates, you can pick a hen or Stag party package in a location that suits your interests, your style — and your sense of humour!


Whatever you are looking for - whether it's a fully packed weekend of food, drink and activities, or whether it's just a bed to sleep in and a night to remember (if you can) - we at Pink Daisy Weddings can provide everything you need.


If your chief Bridesmaid or Best Man is stuck on ideas, send them over to Pink Daisy Weddings, where we will help with the arrangements.



£price on application (dependant on the work involved).